New Dreams

Life has a way of challenging us and God uses those times to create in us a new dream. One that we would not have thought possible.

My impossible dream came true 8 years ago today on October 17, 2009. John and I got remarried at Calvary Chapel Melbourne. We got married the “first” time long ago in 1974 and were married 16 years. We were blessed with two wonderful children. Here’s the crazy thing we were divorced for 2O years (yes 20) until that day when God put our whole family back together again. The family by that time included our two children their spouses and three grandchildren.

It is amazing how God can mend your hurts and let you love again. Now it isn’t easy to start over, but we now have Christ at the center of our marriage. We have to open our hearts to new possibilities and let him show us how to truly forgive. You also have to find the courage to take the first step to reconciliation.

Life experiences often show God’s mercy and grace to us. He gives us all a second chance to come to him and follow him on our life journey. Sometimes circumstances change what you think your life will look like. Dreams and expectations can change due to those events.

John has to deal with chronic pain and disability everyday. This is not something we had to face in our first marriage. It is not something I truly understand, but admire how he keeps going. I do know I would much rather have him in a wheelchair following God then walking without Him.

Out of the pain and suffering a new dream gave birth. It was John’s God given desire to help others who have similar issues. So after much thought and prayer Finding His Purpose ministry started on January 23, 2014 with our first meeting. Our goal is to help those dealing with physical disabilities, chronic pain and illness find God’s purpose for their lives. God makes new dreams come true and he can put a new purpose in your life. God sees what we do not see at the time and works everything for our good. Keep dreaming and keep following Christ. You will be amazed at what might happen.

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