Rest In Jesus

It has been a while since I have written anything on this Finding His Purpose site. I couldn’t let the year 2022 finish without writing about some of the highs and lows of this year. God has brought us through the storms and renewed our hope for the future as long as we continue to depend on Him.

We lost some loved ones this year. John’s Mom Anna passed away at the age of 95. She was an amazing woman who raised ten children mostly on her own since her husband (Jacob) passed away so many years ago. She leaves a very large family, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She loved the Lord and her life was an example of it.

My niece’s husband Craig Smith passed away unexpectedly in July 2022. Craig was such a selfless, giving guy. He took care of my niece Julie through all her MS battles. Then after she was gone, always helped extended family when they needed him. He joins Julie now as she passed away a few years ago. They both were so young to leave so early but we are at peace since they knew the Lord.

Our son-in-law Nader’s Mom Dora passed away just this December. She fought a long battle with cancer and longed for as much extra time as possible with her children and grandchildren. We both were very different people and yet in the last few years, we bonded over our children and grandchildren and our desire for them to live the most fulfilled and happy life possible. I shared with her what Christ has done in my life and John’s life. Dora was very receptive to the message. She thanked us many times for leading her back to Jesus Christ. We were humbled and thankful to be there for her. We are blessed to be part of her journey. Remember always that others look at your life even when you don’t notice but it could be the opportunity to start a conversation that ends in securing their eternity.

This year also brought some storms for us as John had some major health issues. Multiple times in the hospital and three surgeries, it was overwhelming. He is now in great shape and with his new heart valve is feeling better than ever. God brought the right doctors to help us in our time of need and so many people prayed for us. Thank you Jesus for healing him completely. In December I ended up in the hospital with an unexpected surgery. This was very difficult since I usually am so well and the caregiver most of the time. God was with me and even brought the amazing surgeon that saved John’s life to do my surgery. That was such a miracle and gave me great comfort during that tough time. I am doing well and thankful for God’s healing.

The year 2022 also had some real growth for us and Finding His Purpose. We were so blessed to be able to host the evening with Jen Bricker-Bauer and Dominik Bauer on September 2nd. This event had many road blocks from the start but God had other plans. We quickly discovered that when God wants something to happen you can’t mess it up. Our group is small but we are mighty! With the help of wonderful friends and family who volunteered, we were able to have a wonderful evening that inspired so many who attended. It was a great success and an evening we will never forget. Jen and Dominik are such wonderful people with an awesome God story to share. We are sure we made friends forever.

We added an addition to our family this year, a Papillon puppy named Indie. He is full of energy with a cute personality. He keeps us busy but we love him and he is settling in well.

So many ups and downs in this last year. We thank all who prayed for us and supported us through this year. Sometimes we just have to take time to rest in Jesus. We look forward to moving into 2023 with new hope and strength to carry on whatever He has planned for us. We are excited to see what new experiences 2023 will bring our way.

Happy New Year

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