Stress Less

It always happens when you least expect it, the stress starts getting the better of you. Stress can rear it’s ugly head and make a mess out of our emotions. It could be on the job, at home or even inside us waiting to over take us. Maybe you feel pressured to perform in a super human way with unreasonable deadlines or be the perfect witness for Christ to others around you, and feel you are failing miserably on both counts. Maybe you just don’t know how to pay for another medical bill or how you will possibly endure another doctor visit with the same answers you been given time and time again.

Well there is hope for us all. We need to relax and access the situation. After thinking about it and resting our mind and body, it usually is not as bad as we had imagined. Stress can take you to a level where nothing seems right and never will be. Stress can also be good at times motivating us to make a change or seek the rest we need. Stress most of the time fills us with anxiety and that kind of stress we need to shut down immediately.

God does not want us to stress about our situations. He wants us to bring all our concerns to him. He is there to hear even the quiet whisper of our soul when we need him most. Go to God, pray and worship him with song and praise. As you lift your voice to him you will see how you are feeling less stress and hopeful once more.

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