Power in Patience

So here we are after the arrival of Hurricane Irma and we are all safe. We are very blessed that the only thing Hurricane Irma could stir up here was some downed fences and lots of tree debris. As we watch our state of Florida survey the damage, we know we are very fortunate. Many were hit much harder with flood, wind and even tornado damage.

Ok, so this being said, let’s talk about after the storm when the power outages get real. Florida is very warm even in September usually about 90 degrees. Even with a generator it can get rather miserable. So how do we wait patiently for our power to be restored? Well, we can complain and get mad at the utility company but that doesn’t help. What does God want us to do as we wait? Pray, reach out to others and work on our patience. What does God want me to learn while I wait on His next move?

Have you ever been in any kind of storm and had to still endure the after effects? There are many kinds of storms in life; illness, pain, disability, loss and even the real storms like hurricanes and tornadoes that change you and can make you stronger if you let it. We can look at all these challenges with a spirit of gratitude for our provision or we can become bitter and critical. Look up, ask God to show you the blessings right in front of you. Realize how blessed you really are and how He is there to personally walk with you on each step forward. Be patient and keep your hope alive.