Before the Storm


As we wait for Hurricane Irma to move past us here in Florida, today we must trust God for the outcome. Many in Florida were very scared of this coming Hurricane since just a few weeks ago, Houston had a devastating Hurricane Harvey. Many in Florida were donating, praying and watching as Houston Texas was cleaning up after their terrible storm.

As we watched, it was only normal for us to NOT want to endure the same situation they were dealing with. It was very hard to make a decision to leave or to go. The track of Hurricane Irma has changed so much in the early days. Leaving your home is also dangerous because gas is scarce and traffic is horrible to get out of Florida. We started getting prepared early with extra gas and supplies. With hurricane shutters put up we decided to stay in our home. After the decision made, it is then we must put our Trust in God for our provision. God asks us to prepare, use good judgement and act accordingly.

Once the decision is made, we are to pray, trust Him and help others. He has complete control of all things. Not only do we need to trust God with the storms we find ourselves in but also the circumstances we have in our lives. Are you dealing with a chronic illness that just won’t let up? Are you in physical pain from a disability that will maybe never be gone? Do you need surgery that you were not expecting? What do we do in these desperate times? Yes! Trust Him! Do what you know to do then give the rest of your worries to God to deal with. He is there to carry you through any type of storm in your life.



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