Be Still

Fix it! That’s what you do when you are a wife, mom, grandmother, friend and even a caregiver. You see the problem and you try to get it repaired as soon as possible so it doesn’t linger. Sometimes it isn’t such an easy fix. It becomes very apparent that the issue will need some time and some fervent prayer.

Before rushing in to do my idea of what needs to be done, I have many times heard the Lord say to me “Be still and know I am God.” I have finally learned to listen to that advice (even though it has taken awhile). Once I let God Be God and let him work in my loved one’s lives or in mine, I find everything turns out better. I stopped wasting so much energy on worrying since my Lord had the situation already handled. No, he doesn’t need my help, but he does want my attention and prayerful conversation with him while I wait for the answer.

Next time you are faced with a situation that seems so overwhelming, take a deep breath, pray and wait as he shows you his wonderful plan.

“Be still and know I am God” Psalms 46:10

Stress Less

It always happens when you least expect it, the stress starts getting the better of you. Stress can rear it’s ugly head and make a mess out of our emotions. It could be on the job, at home or even inside us waiting to over take us. Maybe you feel pressured to perform in a super human way with unreasonable deadlines or be the perfect witness for Christ to others around you, and feel you are failing miserably on both counts. Maybe you just don’t know how to pay for another medical bill or how you will possibly endure another doctor visit with the same answers you been given time and time again.

Well there is hope for us all. We need to relax and access the situation. After thinking about it and resting our mind and body, it usually is not as bad as we had imagined. Stress can take you to a level where nothing seems right and never will be. Stress can also be good at times motivating us to make a change or seek the rest we need. Stress most of the time fills us with anxiety and that kind of stress we need to shut down immediately.

God does not want us to stress about our situations. He wants us to bring all our concerns to him. He is there to hear even the quiet whisper of our soul when we need him most. Go to God, pray and worship him with song and praise. As you lift your voice to him you will see how you are feeling less stress and hopeful once more.

Mind Set

Life gets tough and you wonder when will this ever end. On those days I have to step back and ask God to help me get a better attitude. I go to the word and find some encouraging scripture to snap me back into a more positive mind set. It is surprising how many times the right scripture seems to appear just in time to make a change from doom and gloom to new possibilities.

So next time when life is throwing you a curve and it is so hard to get back on track, pick up your bible and get some inspiration. Ask God for his words to wash over you and give you something to hold on to.

A new day is coming and new experiences that will not only push you to be better but also to become more like Him. Sometimes we learn the most during times of pain and despair when we are finally are willing to listen to the hope He offers.

Power in Patience

So here we are after the arrival of Hurricane Irma and we are all safe. We are very blessed that the only thing Hurricane Irma could stir up here was some downed fences and lots of tree debris. As we watch our state of Florida survey the damage, we know we are very fortunate. Many were hit much harder with flood, wind and even tornado damage.

Ok, so this being said, let’s talk about after the storm when the power outages get real. Florida is very warm even in September usually about 90 degrees. Even with a generator it can get rather miserable. So how do we wait patiently for our power to be restored? Well, we can complain and get mad at the utility company but that doesn’t help. What does God want us to do as we wait? Pray, reach out to others and work on our patience. What does God want me to learn while I wait on His next move?

Have you ever been in any kind of storm and had to still endure the after effects? There are many kinds of storms in life; illness, pain, disability, loss and even the real storms like hurricanes and tornadoes that change you and can make you stronger if you let it. We can look at all these challenges with a spirit of gratitude for our provision or we can become bitter and critical. Look up, ask God to show you the blessings right in front of you. Realize how blessed you really are and how He is there to personally walk with you on each step forward. Be patient and keep your hope alive.


Before the Storm


As we wait for Hurricane Irma to move past us here in Florida, today we must trust God for the outcome. Many in Florida were very scared of this coming Hurricane since just a few weeks ago, Houston had a devastating Hurricane Harvey. Many in Florida were donating, praying and watching as Houston Texas was cleaning up after their terrible storm.

As we watched, it was only normal for us to NOT want to endure the same situation they were dealing with. It was very hard to make a decision to leave or to go. The track of Hurricane Irma has changed so much in the early days. Leaving your home is also dangerous because gas is scarce and traffic is horrible to get out of Florida. We started getting prepared early with extra gas and supplies. With hurricane shutters put up we decided to stay in our home. After the decision made, it is then we must put our Trust in God for our provision. God asks us to prepare, use good judgement and act accordingly.

Once the decision is made, we are to pray, trust Him and help others. He has complete control of all things. Not only do we need to trust God with the storms we find ourselves in but also the circumstances we have in our lives. Are you dealing with a chronic illness that just won’t let up? Are you in physical pain from a disability that will maybe never be gone? Do you need surgery that you were not expecting? What do we do in these desperate times? Yes! Trust Him! Do what you know to do then give the rest of your worries to God to deal with. He is there to carry you through any type of storm in your life.