Road Trip of Life

We recently went on a road trip that took us through multiple states. It was long at times but worth the effort to see all the sights and sounds we saw. As we traveled, it became apparent to us that our “little road trip” was giving us some very important life lessons.

We were stopped in traffic for over one hour due to road construction, so patience was something we had to develop. It was interesting to see a car or two weave in or out of the line trying to find a quicker way to move on. Just like in life sometimes we need to slow down and take the clear path, instead of rushing forward to find a major road block in our way.

We also had our GPS on our phone tell us that there was a speed trap ahead- well that’s helpful. We do try to follow the speed limit so we looked and said ok we are fine and kept moving. Up ahead we saw flashing lights and a car stopped meaning that the warning must not have reached that person and they were in trouble. How many times do we hear God give us a warning and don’t listen. We then find ourselves in a big problem that could have been avoided. Following the rules is needed and that is why God gives us boundaries to protect us from harm.

Tunnels were another thing we drove through on this trip. Tunnels are not my favorite but can’t be avoided if you need to get to your destination and there are mountains in your path. So you turn on your lights, hold the car steady so not to hit the side of the wall and keep going. There are lights in the tunnel too, flashing quickly by as you travel through. Just as you are getting weary, you see the other side, the opening with the sun shining as you exit the tunnel. Have you had a tunnel experience in your life? Have you held on tightly praying for answers or a breakthrough that just doesn’t seem to come? God is there with us through the tunnel. His light guides our way if we stay the course. He is showing us the opening with freedom on the other side. Keep going and don’t give up.

After a long journey it is wonderful to get back home. Home is where we feel comfortable and secure. Home is where we find rest and people we love. On the road trip of life, don’t forget that this is not our forever home. Jesus died for us to give us a home in heaven to be with God forever if we believe in Him. Please make sure you know the Lord in a deep personal way so that someday when your road trip is done, Jesus will say to you “Welcome Home.”

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